Affiliate Plugin – GLOHBAL STYLE

Affiliate Plugin

The Glohbal Affiliate WordPress plugin is for publishers & advertisers to work directly with each other. This simple tool enables sites to enter a simple link within their posts and once clicked the publisher is given affiliate attribution.

For Publishers:

  • Once plugin setup and Linkshare publisher “ID” is added, start creating affiliate traffic immediately
  • Add direct links to an advertiser site, when a user clicks, the link turns into an affiliate link
  • Work directly with advertisers and retain the whole commission from sales referred
  • Connect directly with advertiser on Linkshare and retain whole commission (other affiliate tools take a cut of the sale)
  • Simple plugin installation

For Advertisers:

  • Connect directly with publishers to see detailed performance within Linkshare dashboard
  • Send custom offers and payout amounts through Linkshare
  • Grow and scale affiliate program through onboarding existing relationships or invite anyone new
  • Plugin is free and available to download on