Setup Affiliate Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet was created to enable and directly connect publisher and advertiser with easeful mobile affiliate linking.

  • The Publisher retains 100% of commission for sales referred
  • In “two taps” get affiliate link to be easily shared on Instagram stories or other mobile sharing
  • See all clicks and sales in your own Linkshare account (we don’t take a cut of the sale)

How to Install Bookmarklet on iPhone or Desktop Computer

  • Retrieve your Linkshare “ID” (not sure how to get? Instructions here.)
  • Paste Linkshare ID into top field
  • “U1” is a way to track where your sales come from and shows in Linkshare reporting page. “bookmarklet” by default and change to any other description
  • Choose retailer or designer for linking to
  • Click “Build Bookmarklet”
  • Tap “Copy”
  • Go to the designer/retailer site, Add Bookmark for that page to your phone
  • After saved, view all bookmarks and Edit the newly saved Bookmark
  • Paste in the “Bookmarklet” code
  • All done! 🙂

To user Bookmarklet for affiliate linking on mobile:

  • Go to retailer or designer’s page you want to make a link for (works on any page, Product, Category, Search Results)
  • Open “Bookmarks” section on your phone