Glohbal Insights for Instagram – GLOHBAL STYLE

Glohbal Insights for Instagram

Understand an audience and easily find influencers and competitors accounts that a given audience is most following.

This report is created by analyzing current followers of an audience. For those followers we calculate who those accounts follow. From this report we analyze who is most followed amongst all of the millions of users.

After we see who is most followed, we run engagement & user info report including all important information about the Instagram users.

Pricing for finding top followed accounts:

  • 5,000 accounts. $500
  • 50,000 accounts. $1,000
  • 100,000 accounts. $1,500
  • 500,000 accounts. $2,750

The completed report includes:

  • IG User info & public contact info
  • Recent engagement averages
  • How many accounts follow this user

Use Cases:

  • Find more “look a like” accounts an audience also follows for significantly better Facebook/IG ad targeting
  • Discover accounts within a content niche (buyers, boutiques, showrooms, photographers) that are super influential and connected, but might be hard to find en masse
  • Understand geographic regions for audience locations
  • For Retailers can reveal the most followed fashion designers by audience
  • For Designers, find new retailers, boutiques, showrooms, influencers and related accounts closely tied to an audience