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Glohbal Index

The Index enables people to any Instagram user and see what popular companies follow the user that was searched.

We built this because we found many influencer friends of ours wanted to find more companies to partner with. We are trying to make it a bit easier for uncovering existing companies that follow a given influencer (or any) account.

The list isn’t nearly complete but its our start. There are nearly 3,000 companies in the list, we have worked hard to be as accurate as possible for the information but some information might not be correct. Please email us if any details need to be updated.

For Influencers & Publishers:

For publishers on Instagram that have over ten thousand followers it becomes hard to keep track of the entire audience. We are aiming to simplify the process for

For Advertisers:

This search tool is aimed at providing a data point to help make better decisions on who to partner with. Instead of trying to analyze all of the “fake followers”. We reversed the concept and showing who are current fashion & lifestyle accounts following.

For example if a user with 1m+ followers, but only has a few companies following that account. Then likely that user’s audience isn’t as influential as another account with similar number of followers but with more commercial accounts.