Find the Right Influencers for your Marketing Strategy

Develop an influencer marketing strategy that produces real results.

With the Instagram platform growing at a tremendous pace, there are hundreds of thousands of users with over 10,000 followers. The great news for businesses is that these group provide a new level of access to target enthusiastic customers within a reasonable budget.

How To Improve Your Influencer Campaigns

Many clients come to us after their influencer campaigns started to bloat in cost with plateaued performance. One of the reasons for this can include partnering with accounts that have an audience not aligned with the brand’s product or service.

Our team aims to demystify the process of finding the right influencers that  empower our clients to optimize this important portion of their marketing plan.

At Glohbal Style we call it ‘The Playbook’ and it is a new way to find influencers that create trackable performance.

We’ll help you figure out how to:

  1. Decide which influencers to collaborate with
  2. Manage your communication using a CRM
  3. Request specific content from your influencer (blog posts, advertising widgets, IG content)
  4. Handle issues around compensation, payment, & affiliate tracking
  5. Track campaign performance

Target The Right Partner

One of the most significant decisions you will make is who you choose to partner with.

As a service we provide search and refinement for finding any group of influential people or their accounts on Instagram. This empowers companies to work with the right accounts in the first place.

For example, perhaps you’re looking for a denim influencer….

In this sample list below, we searched for people on Instagram that are most followed by other known influential denim focused accounts (retailers, the denim designers, showrooms and stylish people). This gives us a baseline ~50,000 active accounts in the community who real people in the industry are following & interacting with. From there we filter for criteria such as location, engagement, followers and if they actively post to their blog.

To find the best 1% of the people we first sift through hundreds of thousands Instagram accounts.

Let Glohbal Style Help Develop your Winning Influencer Marketing Strategy

Have more questions about how we can help with your specific business and influencer campaigns? Feel free to contact us for a consultation to discuss what Glohbal Style can do for you.

We provide targeted and curated lists to companies with an existing working strategy while understanding the need to keep scaling within their company’s budget parameters.