Introducing the “forever” widget

We’ve all read a blog post and clicked on the shopping link and a product is sold out, or worse the is blank and link didn’t work at all.

This got me thinking, what if a blogger could provide their readers product suggestions that will always work? Meaning the product links would only go to pages with in-stock items? Wow wouldn’t that be cool?!

Welcome to v1.0 of the “forever” widget.

Shows all inventory in-stock from Sam Edelman on Shopbop.


Can the clicks be sent through affiliate sharing?

Soon all clicks will be routed through publisher’s own affiliate account on Skimlinks, CJ, Rakuten/Linkshare, or Share A Sale.

What brands & retailers are offered?

To start it’s just Shopbop because I am most familiar with their products & shopping feed. Soon will be Nordstrom and more brands.

How to embed widgets within a post?

Follow this tutorial for how widgets are embedded within the post with an iframe.

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