Skimlinks Bookmarklet – GLOHBAL STYLE

Skimlinks Bookmarklet

This enables anyone with a Skimlinks account to quickly create affiliate links on their phone and share socially.

Why To Use Bookmarklet:

  • In “two taps” publisher creates own affiliate link from an advertiser site
  • Copy new link to easily shared on Instagram stories and other social platforms (Pinterest, etc)
  • See all of your clicks and sales information in the Skimlinks dashboard

Using Bookmarklet and creating a link in two taps:

How to: Easeful Mobile Affiliate Linking

  1. Visit shopping page
  2. Open “Bookmarks” in Safari or Chrome menu
  3. Tap “Skimlinks Bookmarklet”
  4. Copy newly created affiliate link
  5. Share affiliate link on IG stories

Ready to get started? Create bookmarklet for your phone:

What Is Skimlinks?

Similar to ShopStyle and RStyle, they collect multiple affiliate programs into one singular platform that tracks clicks and sales. Second part is they are making sure the publisher earns as much as possible.

How to Install Bookmarklet on iPhone/Android or Desktop Computer:

  • Retrieve your Skimlinks “ID” (OR use provided number from Glohbal)
  • Use Instagram name for “username” field
  • Click “Build Bookmarklet”
  • Tap “Copy”
  • Add Bookmark for the page you are now reading
  • After saved, view all bookmarks and Edit the newly saved Bookmark
  • Paste in the “Bookmarklet” code where this existing URL is now (likely
  • All done!