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WordPress Help

Running a fashion & lifestyle can be fulfilling, rewarding and allow a new source of independent income. Along with the wonderful big potential that is being presented online to all of us, there are technical and strategy changes to sites to help increase more traffic and sales. This is why we are starting WordPress Help to sites to solve problems and help grow sites.

WP software & plugin updates $100

New plugins and releases happen often from WordPress. Let us help in keeping everything up to date, secure and fast.

  • Verify site backups enabled
  • Update all plugins and core WordPress site software
  • Fix any issues from updated plugins
  • Improve site loading speed for any pages taking long time to be viewed
  • Install or setup “SSL” for the site to be loaded with “HTTPS” (more info)

Update Affiliate Links $50

Improve your site’s affiliate revenue by updating older high trafficked articles. For updating the top 20 older articles, we charge $50.00 one time fee.

Our process is for increasing affiliate revenue for past articles:

  • Receive “editor” user access to site
  • View top read articles over a month old
  • Change sold out product links to new in-stock items
  • Add in relevant brand & category links

Everything else WordPress

Need help on anything else including site customizations, fixing broken themes or building new features? We can help.